How to play

Slay The Tower’s core gameplay focuses around deck building as you climb up a tower filled with high risk and reward challenges. As you defeat monsters, you gain gold and cards to add to your deck. The basic gameplay cadence is to pick your three heroes (there are only three currently included in the demo) to build a “party”, and then complete encounters on your way up the Tower. At the start, you have 10 cards in your deck and three energy to spend each turn.

Combat revolves around the player drawing 5 cards and using up to 3 energy to play said cards. Cards require energy to be played, as well as having a hero requirement ( Figure 1 ). The hero requirement is portrayed as a colored square at the bottom right of the card. If the block is silver, then any hero standing can use the card. The colors are tied directly to the type of hero the card requires. Red correlates to offensive type heroes, green to defensive type heroes, and blue to utility heroes. After each turn, cards you played (and any you didn’t) go to the discard pile and you draw 5 more cards. When you run out of cards, the discard pile is shuffled into a new draw pile. This process repeats until either the player has won the encounter or has lost by losing all of their party’s health points or all heroes in the party have been knocked out. The player’s party members, once knocked out, can no longer meet the card’s hero requirement, meaning certain cards that require that hero will no longer be able to be played.

Figure 1

Players can also encounter trials where they can risk life and gold to get potential rare cards or benefits to their party. Bonfire field events are rest points where the player can upgrade existing cards, choose to replenish their party’s health or resurrect a knocked-out party member. Once the player reaches the end of a floor, they face the floor boss (a more powerful enemy). If they beat the floor boss, they are rewarded and proceed to the next floor. If all floor bosses are vanquished, then the player can challenge the Tower. Currently, the game demo contains only one floor and one boss.