Covid Testimonial

Author: Adam Capdeville
Date: Dec 1, 2020

Slay the Tower did suffer some minor setbacks due to the COVID-19 problem but did not have as many as I initially thought it would. I developed the game in isolation at home, so receiving feedback on design concepts was limited. Luckily for my project in particular I had a live demo online for friends and family to try and give me feedback on. 

At first, I was thrilled to work from home, but quickly discovered how hard it can be to stay focused on work around household members. In the peak hours of the morning, it can be quiet but as the day goes on, it can be difficult to find a quiet place. 

Overall, the project was not hindered too badly, and I was able to finish with a reasonable state of the capstone. I would not prefer to have to do school at home again, but it was an experience at the very least. I learned that I would not want to work completely remotely or if I had to, I would need a dedicated office with minimal distractions.